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I started being huge fan of Lifehouse in August 2007, and I've seen them perform 22 times. I started drawing this comic strip in May 2008, right after Jason spotted me as the artist of the Simpsons picture. I started the comic strip for various reasons; as an outlet for my creativity-inspiring Lifehouse obsession, to entertain my fellow Lifehouse fans, to help fill a lack of Lifehouse-inspired literature on the internet, and because I became addicted (from one instance) to cartoon-prompted band recognition.

Despite the various reasons for starting this comic strip, I did have a concrete goal for it, which was never fulfilled: that Lifehouse posts a video of completely random events, and they state that the purpose is just to see what I'll make of it with my comic strip. I should add that I'm not allowed to ask them to do it.

Although the goal was never attained, I did track moments of recognition as progress: Bryce asked me about the comics at a concert in October 2008, saying that he wanted to link to them on the official site. Almost a year later, I found the URL listed on their links page (not linked). In October 2009, I found that they had banner-linked this site from their official MySpace page with my special Halloween banner. And in June 2010, I gave the band a book of all the comics up to March 2010, which they say they loved. These were all forward steps toward the goal, however Lifehouse was digressing in that they had stopped posting video blogs on YouTube altogether. In October 2010, I happened to mention the lack of video blogs to Bryce, and he said he'd make more if they'd let him, whatever that means.

At this point I'm no longer making these comics, so the goal is pretty irrelevant, but there's still a very small possibility that it could still happen, and a small chance that I could start up these comics again.

Media & Resources
I draw most of the comics with pen. A few of the comics and all of the website illustrations are pen and watercolor. Most of the website illustrations are based on real photos from the Lifehouse's official photo albums. Lifehouse's YouTube videos used to be the main source of inspiration for these comics.

My Story
I'm compiling a sort of memoir about my experiences with Lifehouse, but it's a work in progress. In the mean time, here are my original blog posts that sum up the best parts of my story:
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Think Before You Think
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Contact me: sylvia.odhner@gmail.com

Special thanks to Lifehouse for their inspiration and support.
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