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A Day With Lifehouse

A Day With Lifehouse

by Jane

"Sylvia wants to know why you can't make vids anymore Bryce?" Jason says from his computer.

"Jee I dunno. Maybe because I got a rock thrown at my camera last time Jason," Bryce said sarcastically.

"That is because you were coming at me with the germies!" Rick said, adding his (turtle comment) intonation to random words.

"Yeah and you didn't help yourself doing your stealth yoga in a ninja suit! With a shake weight! You were really scary man!" Jason said.

"What is it with you and the shake weight Jay?" Ben asked, not looking up from his video games.

"It ain't right it just ain't right!" He yelled. Bryce sighed. They were all so weird sometimes. If he could get a camera in here and randomly video them they might not act so silly all the time. If only if only Jason hadn't broken his with his rock!

"Jason has your wife ever seen this side of you?" Rick asked.

"Yes, the first time she said is scared her and she thought it was psychological. I told her I'd had that tested already!" Jason said.

"You have?" Rick asked.

"No not really I'm not that crazy. She knows it too. It was a joke." Jason said.

"I'mma gonna open a beer." Bryce said and disappeared into a different part of the bus.

"Wonder what he'll try and open it with this time." Rick said. Bryce had tried a lot of new things since the video posted about opening bottles with random things. Forks, shoes, potatoes, not all of which were successful, at all. Bryce came back seeing RIck and Jason thinking.

"Don't think too long you'll fry your brains guys," Bryce teased. Jason noticed he had a beer and a his guitar.

"W-w-why do you have my guitar?"

"I need something new to try opening my bottle with," Bryce said.

"NOO!" Jason leaped over the table and grabbed his guitar. "MINE!" He sat back down in his seat and started playing. "Rick, ricky, ricky rick, give me your drumstick"

"No! The nightmares! The therapist said they were over!"

"Therapist Ricky?"

"I told you the song would give me nightmares!"

"Oooooh a carnival!" Jason exclaimed. "Let's go get normal jobs as people have so often suggested to me!" They all ran out of the tour bus and into the parking lot. "Where are the turkey legs?" Jason asked. They all sighed. Jason was obsessed with turkey legs at these places. They went over to the game where people threw balls for prizes.

"We ran out of prizes and it's only ten o' clock!" The manager yelled. Ricky walked up to him.

"Let us help you with your problem!" He shouted. Then he started doing a little Ricky dance.

"Who are you?" the manager asked.

"You don't know who they are?" A random person said.


"It's lifehouse! Where do you live? Under a rock!" He exclaimed.

"Lighthouse? That's an odd name."

"LIFEhouse!" All four members said at the same time. The looked at eachother and bust out laughing. Next thing they knew the prize was an autograph and photo from lifehouse.

"Even at out real jobs out other job interferes." Bryce said. "I'll never get a real job."

"Who cares out fake job is way more fun than selling popcorn!" Jason exclaims very loudly! The popcorn vender bowed his head sadly. "No offense I sorry!"

"Pop-pop-pop-pop-pop-pop-pop-pop-pop-pop-pop-pop-pop-pop-pop-pop-pop-pop-pop-pop-pop-pop-pop-pop-pop-pop-pop-pop-pop-pop-pop-pop!!!" Ricky started.

"NO NOT AGAIN!" An old man yells, the same one that had see Rick do that the last time they were carnys. Jason saw the hot dog on a stick.

"This was always my dream growing up!" He said.

"How many dreams did you have?" Rick asked.

"27! No not really."

"How many was it?"

"Much more reasonable."



"That's reasonable?"

"What do you call reasonable?" Jason asked. Rick shook his head.

"Oh no I touched something! I have to wash my hands NOW!" Jason ran over to the hot dog on a stick and put on the hat sideways and looked happier than a child on Christmas morning.

"Kettlecorn!! My favorite popcorn!" Jason yelled!

"I wanna work!" Bryce yelled.

"Jason do you ever change your shirt?" Jason looked up from where he was messing with the hole in the elbow of his shirt.

"Of course I do. Every few weeks or so. If I didn't that would be gross!" He smiled. "You know I change my shirt, I just don't buy many. At least I don't STALK people!"

"I wasn't really stalking you!" Bryce yelled back.

"Yes you were!"

"I'm taller!" Jason bowed his head. "I win! And I didn't blow up the microwave!"

"You had to learn Hanging by a moment in music school!"

"You can never be a basketball player! You too short!"

"You can never be a midget!"

"You're left handed!"


"You play guitar with your right hand. It's not right! You're like a shakeweight!" "NOOOOOO!"

Jason woke up in his bed then. Glad we aren't like that he thought. And he went back to sleep.

Rick woke up and thought glad he forgot about that song. And he went back to sleep.

Ben woke up and thought why did I ever get involved with these guys, smiled and went back to sleep.

Bryce woke up at 5 in the afternoon and thought wow I'm still tired and went back to sleep.