Here's the story: Jason Wade from Lifehouse did a Q&A session. I asked him whether he'd save me from drowning. He answered me here: Lifehouse's blog. Well, I was talking to Anna about it (that's how the best of these stories begin), and she advised me to write a story about the incident. So here it is:

A Lifehouse Adventure

"It sure is a good day for a vacation," said Rick. "Right you are," said Jason. "Let's break out the boat and go on a cruise." Jason and Rick went out for a cruise on their little boat. Jason lay down and relaxed in the sun.

"Aaaaahhhh." said Jason. "I'm so comfortable, nothing could make me move from this position." Rick looked out at the lake - it looked so peaceful. No one else was out. Except there was this one little disturbance in the lake's perfect surface. It looked like someone was drowning. "Hey, Jason," he said, standing up and leaning forward, "It looks like someone's drowning!" "That's nice," said Jason, "But you're not getting me that easily." "No, I mean it," said Rick. Jason sprung to his feet and looked at the water. "Wait, I need to get a better look," he said. He put a T-shirt on over his other shirt, then looked out across the lake with Rick.

Sure enough, someone was drowning. "I can't swim," said Rick. "Neither can I," said Jason, "But we should probably throw them a life line or something, at least."

Jason and Rick drove over to the place where the person was drowning. There they saw a woman flailing and screaming, "Help! I'm drowning!" "Here, grab onto this," said Jason. "Okay," said the woman. And she climbed into the boat. When she got her footing, she stood up and looked at her rescuers. When she saw who they were, her eyes widened and her jaw dropped. "Are you all right?" asked Jason. Then she passed out and fell backwards, back into the water. Jason and Rick looked down at her, unconscious in the water.

"Hey," said Jason, "-- I gave it a shot." "Yeah," said Rick. "I'd say you've done your good deed for the day. Come on, let's break out the other case of beer." "All right," said Jason. Jason and Rick relaxed in their boat for the rest of the day.

Special thanks to Lifehouse for their inspiration and support.
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