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Come Back Down From Dreaming

Come Back Down From Dreaming

by Vicky

I had a dream, a Lifehouse dream if you will,

I was watching one of those home improvement shows before bed and in my dream I was at Castle View helping Jason with his remodeling. His wife was fussing at him because he left wet towels on the floor in the bathroom. I was in the kitchen installing tiles to the floor. Apparently I was going to wait in line outside with her at the Lifehouse show so she was telling me to hurry up because she wanted to be 1st or close to 1st in line as possible. Braeden got fed up and decided to leave for the LIFEHOUSE show without me. This is the part of the dream as I am typing this and as your reading this your are probably asking yourself, "Why didn't she just go with her husband THE LEAD SINGER, she would have 1 of the BEST seats in the house?"

Then Jason got really angry and had me and the rest of the construction team go outside and haul these big 2x4's of wood because he wanted us to build a dog house for Pippin. He gets made at one of the dudes and Jason starts yelling and throwing stuff down the hill, so much so that the dude runs inside in tears. I was like "Wow, Jason has a temper, I would not want to mess with him"

Then there was this girl across the street representing the Republican Party. She had a table with pamphlets and she was dressed in Red White and Blue and she was trying to get people to join the Republican Party, Jason said I'm a republican (which then the dream turned into a nightmare) and I woke up! (No offence if you are a Republican)

Breann's Anti-Smoking Campaign

This dream takes place in our cabin on the cruise ship. Breann and I were getting ready to meet up with Scrappy and Christine for breakfast. Breann comes out of the bathroom waring this shirt that says "Smoking gives you Nerve Damage". Breann begins to tell me about her mission to seek and destroy Bryce's Cigarettes. I told her this is a "dangerous mission" but I love Bryce as well and don't want him to get lung cancer so I was willing to help him. We grabbed our beach bags and headed to meet the girls.

As we were walking Bryce was sitting in a chair drinking a coffee, reading Rolling Stone Magazine and of course SMOKING. Breann reached in her bag, pulled out a mini super soaker and proceeded to spray Bryce putting out his cigarette. I started running to Scrappy and Christine while Breann was high fiving people. That evening after Lifehouse played there set, Breann was by a balcony looking at the starts and planning her next attack on Bryce when Bryce sneaks up behind her, all of a sudden, Breann is wrestling a pack of cigarettes from Bryce's hand. Out of noware Jason shows up with his guitar and starts a rendition of Halfway Gone. Half of Breann is over the balcony and with one slip she would be in the ocean and gone forever.

Breann starts singing Hanging By a Moment and Jason starts playing it on his guitar a crowd is gathering and Scrappy is taking pictures of this the entire time. Everyone was soo into the song, singing and jumping while Breann was literally Half way gone! You wanna know "what happens next"?

So do I because... I woke up!