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Eternal Lifehouse of the Breannless Mind

This is a mostly-fictional story I wrote about a real fan on November 13th, 2010.

Eternal Lifehouse of the Breannless Mind

This is a story about a Lifehouse fan named Breann. Breann was a dedicated fan. She had been to many, many Lifehouse concerts, and she had been lucky enough to meet the band several times, especially the lead singer, Jason Wade. There was just one little thing that bothered her. Jason Wade never seemed to remember who she was, or that he had ever met her before. It's not that he never remembers his fans. She had a friend online who Jason recognized even before he had ever met her. He seemed to recognize everyone around her, and whenever he encountered Breann, he would shake her hand and say, "Hi! Nice to meet you!" And it's not like she never tried to make an impression. One time she held up a sign and got Jason to toss her Rick's drumstick during a concert. Another time she gave him a letter explaining how much Lifehouse meant to her. Yet she was still met with the same blank expression the next time. One time she spent days working on decorating a beautiful Lifehouse-themed cake. When she met Jason, she gave him a picture of the cake. Also, Jason noticed her awesome Chuck Norris shirt. He didn't recognize her, but he loved the shirt. Also he didn't remember that he had told her he'd post her Chuck Norris joke of the day on Twitter one time. Soon after that concert, Breann found out about an impromptu Lifehouse concert in her area. "Maybe he'll recognize me this time," she thought.

Breann happened to see Jason Wade before the concert. She decided to ask him if he'd seen the cake. She approached him. "Hi, Jason!" she said.

"Hi! Nice to meet you!" Jason held out his hand. Breann shook it.

"So did you see that picture of the cake I made that I gave you?" she asked.

Jason looked confused for a second. "Oh, you mean the Wrecking Ball cake? Was that you?"


"Oh, that was awesome! I loved it!" Jason said.

Breann was happy. For once Jason had remembered something she did. Perhaps when she went on the cruise that spring, Jason would remember her as the one who made that cake. She was going on a cruise full of concerts from different bands including Lifehouse, and she knew she would probably get several chances to meet the bands.

While boarding the cruise, who should Breann run into but the members of Lifehouse? She almost walked right into Jason. "Hi!" she said.

"Oh, hey," said Jason. "Nice to meet you! I'm Jason."

"I'm Breann," she said, a bit disappointed. She wasn't going to explain the cake thing every time. They got a photo and then parted ways.

"This is ridiculous!" Breann thought to herself. She was going to have to do something drastic. Then she got a brilliant idea. It was a good thing she had thought to pack her awesome Chuck Norris T-shirt. This would most definitely be the key to Jason recognizing her. The next morning she put on that shirt and went to enjoy the rest of the cruise.

It wasn't long before Breann saw Jason and Rick walking around. She was hesitant to walk up to Jason again, but he just happened to notice her shirt. "Hey, I love your shirt!" he said.

"Thanks!" said Breann. "I thought you'd remember it."

Jason was confused again. "Remember it from what?"

"I..." Breann didn't know how to respond.

Jason continued, because he wanted to get somewhere. "Well, it was nice meeting you," he said. "We have to get going."

"Yeah, you too!" she said.

Apparently wearing that shirt wasn't drastic enough. Breann eventually considered a suggestion that she got from one of her online friends. She kept telling her that she should gather all the photos of her and Jason that she had and ask Jason to sign all of them all at once. Then at least he'd realize that he had met her several times before, even if he didn't remember it. She decided to go for it. It's a good thing she had thought to pack all those photos.

The next time Breann saw Jason, she just went straight up to him. "Hi, Jason!" she said.

"Hi," said Jason. "Nice to meet you. I'm Jason."

"Haha, I know," said Breann. "Hey, would you mind signing a few things for me?"

"Sure, no problem!" said Jason. "Do you have a pen?"

"Yeah." Breann handed him the pen and the first photo that she had gotten with Jason.

Jason signed it with a blank expression. "...and this one," she said, handing him the next photo, and the next one.

Halfway through signing them, Jason paused and said, "Hey, are these all you?"


"Okay..." Jason signed the rest of the photos looking disturbed and confused. He handed them back to her. "There you go!" He smiled and then walked away looking disoriented.

"Thanks!" said Breann.

At this point, she had no idea what was going through Jason's head. It was almost like the photos brought up traumatic memories for him. Maybe after he sorted everything out in his head, he'd start to remember her. Soon after that incident, she was entering an elevator, and Jason just happened to follow her in. He didn't acknowledge her at first.

"Hi, Jason," she said.

"Oh, hi!" said Jason. "What's your name?"

"Breann?" she said questioningly.

"Nice to meet you!" he said.

It was as if the whole photo incident never happened. She decided to just outright ask him about it this time. "Do you remember me?"

Jason looked confused again. "Uh, sorry. I'm bad with names. Did I see you earlier on the cruise?"

"Yeah," said Breann. "I just gave you a bunch of photos to sign."

"Oh, that was you?" Jason looked surprised. Jason reached his floor. "I'm sorry, I don't know what's wrong with me today," he said. And then he was gone.

Breann was thoroughly confused now. This just didn't add up. She noticed a piece of paper on the floor of the elevator that Jason had dropped. She picked it up. It was a business card. It said "Memory Specialist" and it had a phone number on it. She was wondering whether she should keep it, but Jason might need it back. She put the number in her phone and decided she'd call it when she got back from the cruise.

The next time Breann saw Jason on the cruise, she came up to him. "Hey, Jason, I think you dropped this in the elevaor," she said, handing him the card.

Jason took it. "What's this? Are you sure this is mine?" he asked.

"Well it's not mine," she said.

Jason looked at Breann curiously. "Have we met before? Sorry."

"Yeah. Well, nevermind," said Breann, walking away.

*cue the music* Hey, remember me? I remember you, walking away...

Breann came home from the cruise, excited and anxious to find out what the significance of that phone number was. She knew it was probably irrelevant, and it probably wasn't even Jason's card after all, since even he didn't remember seeing it.

She dialed the number.

A woman answered the phone. "Hello, this is LA Memory Specialties. Can I help you?"

Breann was afraid she was digging a little too deep, but she just had to know. "Hi, um, this is Breann. I was wondering. Do you know anything about Jason Wade?"

"I'm sorry, we can't give out the names of our past clients."

"Oh, sorry! I should have known that. It's just that, I found this card, and I thought it belonged to him."

"Would you like to schedule an appointment?"

"No, thanks." Breann hung up the phone.

"What was I thinking?" she thought. Minutes later, the phone rang. It was the same number that she had just called. She answered it. "Hello?"

"Hi. Is this Breann?" This time it was a man's voice.

"Yes," she said.

"Hi, I'm Dr. Peterson. Were you just calling asking about Jason Wade?"

"Yes," Breann replied, a little freaked out.

"I'd like you to come to my office. There's something I want to discuss with you."

"Well, I live kind of far away," she said.

"I'll fly you out here myself if I have to. This is very important," he said.

"Okay," said Breann.

She knew it was crazy, but Breann flew out to LA to see Dr. Peterson. She just had to know what was so important.

She took a seat in Dr. Peterson's office.

"Breann, there's something you should know about Jason Wade," he said. "He came to me a few years ago saying he wanted to be able to remember his fans better. I told him we can do things with memory that no one else can. What I didn't tell him, is that with every memory improvement we make, there's a sacrifice. I mean I told him there might be side effects, but I didn't tell him the extent of what he was sacrificing. I didn't tell him that there would be one fan who he wouldn't remember at all. See, it's Jason's ignorance of you that allows him to remember everyone else so well."

Breann was shocked. "So, what you're saying is, no matter what I do, to Jason it's like I never existed."

"Well, I wouldn't go that far," said Dr. Peterson.

"Why didn't you tell him?" asked Breann.

"I was afraid he wouldn't go through with it. I know it's unethical, but to be honest, I didn't think it would matter. It's just one fan, after all."

"But that one fan is me."

"You're right. It does matter. But the thing is, we established this before he went through with the process, but he doesn't remember any of it. He doesn't remember what happened and he doesn't remember me. If I were to try and let him know the consequences of his actions, I'd have to undo practically everything we got him to forget."

"So you flew me all the way to LA just to tell me this?" asked Breann.

"I thought you deserved to know the truth."

Breann didn't know what to think of all this. If it were true, there was nothing she could do about it. Jason would just never remember her and that would never change. But at least she would know why. Even Jason didn't know what was going on.

A few months passed and Breann couldn't stop thinking about Dr. Peterson and Jason's ignorance about the whole situation. She went to another Lifehouse concert that Fall, knowing that she would yet again be just another face in the crowd. While waiting in line, she was approached by a security guard.

"Excuse me," he said. "Is your name Breann?"

"Yes," she said nervously. "Is there a problem?"

"No problem. The band wants to see you."

"Oh," she said. That was unexpected. How could they want to see her if they didn't even know her? She went along, and she was led back stage, where Jason was waiting.

"Breann!" he said as soon as he saw her. She couldn't believe her ears. He came up to her and hugged her. She didn't know what to say. Jason continued, "Hey, I wanted to thank you for giving that card back to me on the cruise. I didn't know what it was at first, but I called the place, and they told me everything that happened, and they told me they talked to you. I can't believe I trusted that place! I don't know what I was thinking. Anyway, they restored all my memories and stuff. I wanted to thank you personally because I never would have noticed that card if you hadn't given it back to me."

"You're welcome," said Breann. It was all she could think to say. This was a lot to take in at once.

Jason said, "Oh, and tomorrow I'm definitely posting that Chuck Norris joke of the day."