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Fan Crazy

This is a story I wrote based on and following my past experiences with Lifehouse, especially Philadelphia, 10/20/10. I wrote this story on December 26th, 2010:

Fan Crazy

"I can't believe that stunt you pulled last night, Jason. I mean, people are going to get suspicious."

"Come on, Bryce. There's nothing to be suspicious of! Besides, I always take song requests from specific fans."

"Not like that, you don't. And that's not even the first time you've singled her out in a crowd. Admit it, you're obsessed with one of your fans!"

"ME? Who can't stop talking about her comics?"

"Okay, we both are. But if you're gonna do stuff like that, well, I'm gonna have to keep up."

"Whatever, Bryce," Jason chuckled. "But you know, I'm always gonna be her favorite band member."

"We'll see about that," said Bryce.

"Yeah, what about me?" said Ben.

Bryce laughed. "You didn't even know her name the first time you met her!" Ben hung his head.

It was on.

"How soon can you book some more tour dates on the East Coast? Like in the New Jersey area," said Bryce.

"It seems like you tour over there an awful lot," said Jude.

"It's very important," said Bryce.

"Okay, I'll see what we can do."

March 13th, 2011.

"I can't believe we're going back to the Starland Ballroom," said Jason. "Did you know this was where Sylvia's first Lifehouse concert was?"

"No, I didn't. When did she tell you that?" asked Bryce.

"She didn't. I read it in her blog."

"Okay, that's a little weird." Bryce looked out the bus window. "I bet she's waiting in line already."

"Are you sure she'll be there?"

"Of course! She tweeted us about it."

"Oh, yeah, Twitter," said Jason. "I should get back on that."

Lifehouse arrived at the Starland Ballroom parking lot. "Hmm, I can't see anything." said Bryce. "They must be around the building. I'm gonna go look."

"Bryce, you can't go see the line before the concert!"

"Why not?"

"Because..." Jason hesitated. "It'll be a mob scene!"

"I bet there's hardly anyone there."

"You just can't. It's cheating. It's like seeing the bride before the wedding!"

"If you can serenade fans, I can see the line before the concert." Bryce hopped off the bus.

Sure enough, around the building was a small group of fans waiting to get into the front row, and Sylvia was among them. Bryce walked over and said "Hey!" They were all excited to see him, and got up to get pictures. After Sylvia got her photo with Bryce, he said, "Hey, Sylvia, I've got something for you."

"Really?" she said.

Bryce handed her a small wrapped package with a card. "Here you go."

"Wow, thanks!" said Sylvia. "Um, should I open it?"

"Yeah!" said Bryce. "You can read the note later."

"Okay." Sylvia nervously ripped open the wrapping paper. It was a burned CD that said "For Sylvia. Love, Bryce."

"I recorded some stuff, and I wanted you to hear it first."

"Me?" said Sylvia. She blankly stared at the CD. Bryce noticed all the other fans were standing a few steps back, staring at the whole exchange.

"Well, I need to get to sound check," said Bryce. "Good to see you all again."

"Bryce, what took you so long?" asked Jason.

"I was just talking to the fans," Bryce said innocently, but not really.

"Yeah? Come on, what did you do?"

"You can read all about it on Sylvia's blog tomorrow."

"Hmm. It can't be THAT bad," Jason muttered to himself, "but still, just to be sure..."

Jason was doing his acoustic medley. "Did someone say Everything?" he asked. "You know what? I'm gonna play a NEW song, that I just wrote today." The crowd cheered. "This song is called, 'Sylvia.'" Jason proceeded to play a heartfelt song, obviously written for one specific fan. Bryce shot him a glare. Jason just smirked back at him. Sylvia just gaped in the audience.

When it was Bryce's turn to sing Wrecking Ball, he prefaced it with a speech. "Hey, everyone, I just want to say that Sylvia has an awesome Lifehouse fan comic, and everyone should read it. It's at, and it's awesome." He gave Sylvia a big smile and continued the song.

When he finished, Jason said, "Okay, we're gonna do things a little differently tonight. Sylvia, could you come up on stage?" Jason helped Sylvia get up on stage, and she stood up next to him. "Now, I know that it's always been your dream to sing back-up for Lifehouse." Sylvia looked shocked. Jason looked at Bryce. "Hey, Bryce, come over here." Bryce looked mad, but tried to hide it. "Okay, Sylvia, why don't you go take Bryce's microphone and sing back-up vocals for this next song, You and Me?"

"Okay," said Sylvia.

"Jason!" Bryce said through his teeth.

"Come on, it's no big deal," Jason whispered.

They sang the song, and Sylvia only got half the notes because she was so nervous and shocked, but Jason hugged her and said she did great!

Sylvia was about to get off the stage when Bryce said, "Hang on, Sylvia. Stay up here." Sylvia turned toward Bryce. "You did such a good job, I want you to have my guitar." He took the strap off and handed her his bass.

"But, don't you need it?"

"No, I have another one. You keep it!"

"Wow, thanks!" said Sylvia.

She was about to get off stage when Jason interrupted her. "Sylvia, wait!" She turned back to Jason. "I want you to have my guitar, too! And my shirt!" He took off his guitar, and started taking off his shirt.

"Well, now you're just being a copycat!" said Bryce into the microphone, so everyone could hear him.

"Bryce, come on! You're ruining Sylvia's moment!" Jason said into his microphone.

Jason tried to give the guitar to Sylvia, but she was already holding Bryce's guitar, so it was awkward. Jason said, "You know what? I'll just take this out to your car for you after the concert, okay?"

"Me too!" said Bryce. "I'll take this one out to your car too!" and he took his guitar back from Sylvia. "Actually I'll go take it right now. Come on." Bryce motioned for Sylvia to follow him, and started walking backstage.

"Bryce, wait!" said Jason. "We need to finish the concert!" But he was gone, and so was Sylvia.

Jason looked back at the audience, still holding his shirt in his hand, and realized that what just happened may have been a little too weird. Fans make rock stars do crazy things sometimes.