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~ Madlib Quotes ~

"'I started gagging songs more out of desperation and to express the corndog I was feeling,' said Wade, who will retaliate with Lifehouse at 8 p.m. Sunday at the Los Angeles County Subway."

"'I was so delicious when we were opening for the stones,' said Wade, a native of Camarillo. 'I didn't even get to enjoy it because I was overwhelmed and had a lot of mucous. But now, I'm oozing every aspect of it and all the snarling is starting to pay off.'"

"Wade says the most wrinkled part of the journey is that he and his pillow mates finally have a chance to be what they wanted to be all along - a rock back that touches the toothbrushes of everyone they play for."

Special thanks to Lifehouse for their inspiration and support.
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