Lifehouse Mad Gab

These are Lifehouse song titles in disguise. The way the game works is, you say the phrase out loud, and say it faster and over again until you hear what it's supposed to sound like. Here's an example: "Eye mull of musheen" is code for "I'm a love machine." See how many you can get. Good luck!

1. Buyers hide

2. Six eye click aerosol

3. God ab eat a knight

4. Chess tuna third name

5. All the time as king four

6. Lure knee win sigh doubt

7. So moo airing beat wean

8. Stain leak lie umph all

9. He's here tubby

10. Knee earl I fix peer yens

11. Oh my a Virgo no fine doubt

12. Some bad deals a song

13. Weigh raw eek umph rum

14. But hurl a connects time

15. On the earth oh hun

16. He art a ma rogue aunt a day

17. Thee undoes own lib again


Special thanks to Lifehouse for their inspiration and support.
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