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"First Time" Lifehouse Encounters

sylviagrace October 26th, 2012, 10:16 am
Hi fans! I was thinking about how I really like to read other people's stories of how they got to meet Lifehouse, especially for the first time, so I decided that I want to add a section on this site specifically for that purpose. I want to collect stories of fans meeting Lifehouse for the first time, or some other encounter that was particularly exciting. If you're willing to share your story publicly, here's what you can do: You may have a blog post about it already, and if so, you can just sent me the link and I'll link to it in the section. If not, you can write your story in an e-mail, and I'll make a page for it on this site. Send your stories to Make it as long and drawn-out as you want, especially in describing your reaction to the experience. Remember that these will be posted publicly. I don't want to pressure anyone into sharing a story that's too personal. Thanks!

I won't post stories that I find to be too disrespectful to Lifehouse or anyone else, or that have any kind of mature content.

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