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Sylvia Damage

Sylvia Damage

Since I first posted the header of this website with the drawing it has now, I made some changes to the original drawing. For instance, I darkened the color of Jason's shirt. It used to look more like the picture below, and I got some comments that at first glance, it looked like Jason wasn't wearing a shirt at all. Well, some fans got a kick out of this, and started writing a Lifehouse parody about this picture:

This piece was put together by Marcia, Skrappy, and Molly. Skrappy says "This parody was the brainchild of Marcia. Molly and she came up with the majority of these ideas. I helped with editing and making sure it the lyrics matched the structure of the original song. Team effort all the way! :) Enjoy!"

Sylvia Damage -- a shirtless parody to the tune of Nerve Damage

I see thru your clothes
Your shirt barely shows
Trying not to see
Anything not PG
You're losing your clothes

Your NEW shirt's lookin like a NUDE shirt
Livin in a shirt that's colored "skin"
Cartoon comic but her ink just ran out
TALented as can be.
But now he lookin just as nekked as a Jay bird.
Draw clothes on him, please?

Alright don't freak...
We see Jay's obliques.
Life is a troll...
With fashion patrol.
Let's give him some clothes.

No shirt, hope your feeling aren't hurt.
Jason is a Lady Godiva.
Going round town showing everything off
The banner's rater "R"
Even seems like your pants mighta fell off
Even Ben Carey's.

I see thru your clothes.
Your shirt barely shows
We'll give Jay some clothes.

NAKED is the look for JASON
Ever since he missed the Maxim ball.
Bad shirt, plaid shirt or a preppy school skirt
Don't want transparency.
That banner's waking up the fan's to a new trend.
No shirt? Let it be.

Tight bod? Better go to Cape Cod...
They've got all the fun naked beach parties.
In these cartoons, don't see pantaloons...
That might not be what you meant
Darken, fill in, so you're not the villian
They're shirtless in our dreams