Lifehouse is a popular American rock band. If you don't recognize the name, you might remember some of their radio hits, Hanging By a Moment (2000), You and Me (2005), First Time (2007), or Halfway Gone (2009). This comic strip is based on the individual band members. To get to know them and get the background for this comic strip, watch Lifehouse's YouTube channel. To find out more about Lifehouse, visit their official website, or follow their Twitter

The Band Members

Jason Wade
Lead Singer

Jason started Lifehouse in 2000. When he was growing up, his parents were Christian missionaries who got divorced when he was 12. He started writing music as an outlet for his feelings about his parents' divorce. One time Jason got hit in the eye with a pointy bra on stage.
Rick Woolstenhulme

Rick joined Lifehouse after they finished recording their first album in 2000. He had to try out for the position, and Jason thought he looked mean, but it was him against two 15-year-olds, so he got the job. He has a tattoo of his wife on his arm.

Bryce Soderberg
Back-up Singer

Bryce joined Lifehouse in 2004 after former band members Sergio and Sean left the band. Bryce is a former member of AM Radio. An ideal vacation for him would be in Vagas.

Ben Carey

Ben was an honorary band member when this page was fist made. He started touring with them as a guitarist the same time Bryce joined, and in 2009 he was confirmed as a member of the band. He isn't in the band anymore, but he is a prominent figure in the comics.

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Special thanks to Lifehouse for their inspiration and support.
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